Call Down for 3/15/2015

Crew is on Flag
XPs are greeters
Patrol Competition
Trail To First, Merit Badges

Loading Bikes tonight from 6 to 7 Blackburn House

We are loading Bikes tonight from 6 to 7 at the Blackburn Household

6301 SE Aldercrest CT
Milwaukie OR 97267

Patrol Leaders have you heard from TJ or Austin yet?

Reminder if you do not hear from them by now you should be calling them to find out the call down info

Journey to Excellence 2014 - Gold Level

Our Troop earned the Gold level of the JTE Award once again in 2014.

In 2011, the Quality Unit Award was changed to the Journey to Excellence award. The Journey to Excellence is the BSA's performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of Units. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program for the youth in the Unit.

Monday, Feb 23, 2015 Meeting

The Eagles are honor patrol, and the BST's are greeting the newest members of the troop at the door (and everyone else).

We'll be having a patrol competition. Then after that we'll do the spring merit badges and trail to first class.

There will be guests in the basement, so we need to keep the noise level down!!!

Bring your ten essentials to the meeting tomorrow night, they will be a part of the patrol competition. The number of ten essentials per patrol will be part of the score. Make sure those flash lights are working.

Patrol Leaders do your call down!!!

Snow Lodge Update

Good Evening everyone
We are still on for Snow Lodge for this weekend. We have paid the money regardless of whether or not there is snow up at the lodge and there is no reimbursement from council if there is not snow.
The Good news is that it is supposed to snow Thursday and Friday. Note: We have back up plans for activities on Saturday if it actually does not snow.

Green Roof & Fencing for Compost Bin

Michael decided to do his Eagle Project for the Elementary School where he was a Cub Scout, View Acres Elementary School. The school had a Compost Bin & Generator that needed to be protected from the elements & the Students needed to be kept away to be safe as well. The school requested fencing around the Roof Supports to keep the Students at a safe distance & they wanted the Roof to have a 'green roof' covering.

No meeting Jan 12, 2015 due to Duck Game

Good Day

The troop will not be meeting on Monday Jan 12, 2015. Go Ducks (ok this is a Beaver fan saying this). We are meeting on the 19th (it is our open house night). Look for more details later in the week.

We are having our PLC Retreat this coming weekend Jan 16 to the 17th. Location is tbd.

Monday Jan 5 2015 Meeting information.

1. Full class A for Everyone, as it is the first Monday of the month.
2. Patrol Parents need to help their Patrol Leaders with Picking a Dessert for the Patrol Dutch Oven Dessert Cook Off. Patrol Parent or the Patrol Leader can buy the supplies and bring them to the meeting. A couple of us leaders will arrive early to get briquettes going and tables setup outside. Supplies can be pre mixed at home or mixed at the troop (however we recommend you bring your own mixing bowls, utensils from home). We reimburse for the supplies so keep your receipts

Troop 376 Overnighter

This Friday to Saturday Dec 19 to 20 2014 6pm to 10 am

Cost: $5 (Cracker Barrel and light breakfast, and Gym Rental)
Where: 4180 SE Jennings Ave, Gladstone, OR 97267 (Gladstone Church of the Nazarene)
What to bring: video games (T-Rated), Board games, Card Games, Something to sleep in if you want (Mr. B is bringing a cot) during the night.
Each person should Bring either a snack or a drink to share. No energy drinks, no high caffeine Sodas (MD)
Uniform: Class B, Shorts, Jacket
Bring that positive scouting attitude and be ready for some fun.


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