July 2014

Activity Uniform - What is it?

The Activity Uniform is a Scouting-related T-Shirt and scout pants.

(Field & Activity Uniforms are often referred to by our Troop as Class A & Class B Uniforms though that terminology is not used in any official BSA publications and is not correct. (The correct would be better to call them Field & Activity Uniforms following the BSA terminology.)

Also see "What is a 'Class B' Uniform?"

Courts of Honor - What are they & when do they happen?

A Court of Honor is a whole Troop celebration with recognition for all of the Advancements that our Scouts have earned over the past 6 months. Families (and extended families) are encouraged to attend to celebrate what the Scouts have been doing. The Scouts are recognized for their Rank Advancement as well as Merit Badges that were earned & Camps that they have attended. They are normally held in the Sanctuary at the church with all Scouts & Leaders wearing their 'Class A' uniforms. Then it is followed up by a Dessert Fellowship Time.