January 2015

No meeting Jan 12, 2015 due to Duck Game

Good Day

The troop will not be meeting on Monday Jan 12, 2015. Go Ducks (ok this is a Beaver fan saying this). We are meeting on the 19th (it is our open house night). Look for more details later in the week.

We are having our PLC Retreat this coming weekend Jan 16 to the 17th. Location is tbd.

Monday Jan 5 2015 Meeting information.

1. Full class A for Everyone, as it is the first Monday of the month.
2. Patrol Parents need to help their Patrol Leaders with Picking a Dessert for the Patrol Dutch Oven Dessert Cook Off. Patrol Parent or the Patrol Leader can buy the supplies and bring them to the meeting. A couple of us leaders will arrive early to get briquettes going and tables setup outside. Supplies can be pre mixed at home or mixed at the troop (however we recommend you bring your own mixing bowls, utensils from home). We reimburse for the supplies so keep your receipts