November 2014

Monday Meeting Dec 1st.

Everyone in Class A.

Honor Patrol is Yeti’s. Patrol Competition, Merit Badges, TTFC

PLC, is Tuesday night. Alex Tinat is on Snack. Scouting for food, Christmas Party and Camp Rilea planning are on the agenda.

Scouting for food is Dec 6th

This is a patrol competition and a great way for us to give back to our community. We always hear how important our donations to the food bank are. We need a good turn out this year. This year we will be pre hanging bags. Mr Nash is coordinating this and we will be sending out an email with details.

Christmas Party Dec 8

Everyone in your family is invited to the Troops Christmas party. It is being held at tbd location this year.
Setup 6:00 pm. PLC and Adults that are helping with Setup need to be there by 6 to decorate and setup tables etc.
Dinner Starts at 6:30. Honor Patrol is the Ninja Bacons.

Boy Scouts and Adult leaders please be in Class A

Sign ups for Camp Rilea Jan 3 to 4

We have two more meetings to go to get signed up for Camp Rilea.

Troop Closet Clean up time.

Forget that Black Friday Shopping!!! Come join us at the troop closet for some good old fashion cleaning and rearranging. We plan to start at 9 am and hope to be done before noon. We are looking for 8-10 Scouters, Crew Members or Scouts to help Mr Whisman get the closet straightened out. Hope to see you there. Come for the entire thing or come for an hour.

Note this was planned at the last Committee Meeting.

New user registration

We have changed the user registration process. We have had a lot of fake registrations, probably from automated spam-bots. Please request an account from Mr Lewis at a meeting, if Mr Lewis is unavailable talk to Mr Freitas or Mr Blackburn.
Alternatively you can request through the contact tab by choosing user registration from the drop down. Please say how you are associated with the troop.

You only need a user account if you want to post galleries or to the home page.

Mr Lewis
Mr Lewis

User Account - How do I get one to post to the Website?

Please attend a meeting and speak to Mr. Lewis, Mr. Freitas, or Mr. Blackburn. You can also submit your request using the site's Contact Page.

(Note that you only need a User Account if you will be posting pictures or Front Page information to the Troop Website.)

New Website is live

Mr. Martin has launched the Troop website.

There are recent photo galleries of Troop outings.

People can request an account so that they can post on the front of the website and they can load their own photos onto the website as well.

Look for the user login area at the bottom of the page. There you will find a Create New Account button.

Mr Blackburn

Nov 17 2014 Call Down

XP's are the Honor Patrol

Campout Prep and Patrol meeting
Fall Merit Badge should be in Wrap up mode
Trail to First Class should be well planned, bring those books!!!!

Wild waves this weekend, get signed up as soon as you get to the meeting!!