May 2014

'Class A' Uniform - What is it?

Our Troop considers all of the following uniform pieces to be part of the Full 'Class A' Uniform: --Tan BSA Uniform Shirt, --Green BSA Uniform Pants or Shorts, --Green Webbing Belt, --Green Uniform Socks, --Merit Badge Sash, --Green & Yellow Neckerchief with Slide, --Red Troop Hat, --Rope Segment (hanging from belt or belt loop). This uniform should be worn on: --all Outings that require travel, --Community Service, --the 1st Troop Meeting of each month, & --all Courts of Honor.

Merit Badge University - What is it?

Merit Badge University has been coordinated by (put on by) one of the Leaders in our Troop as a District event & has been open for all the Boy Scouts in our District. (Then has been opened up to Boy Scouts from other Districts once our District has had a chance to sign-up.) It typically happens on the Saturday of the first weekend in February each year. Many different Merit Badges - both Eagle-required & electives - are offered based on which Merit Badge Counselors are available to teach them. Scouts can take 1 or 2 Merit Badges on this day.

Summer Camp - Where do we go?

The 'rule of thumb' that our Troop typically uses is to attend 3 'local' Summer Camps in our Council then go 'out-of-council' on the 4th year. We happen to be VERY blessed with all of our exceptional 'local' CPC Camps.

Our PLC (the youth leaders of the Troop) will discuss the options then vote to decide which Summer Camp to attend. (Usually about 14 months ahead of the camping dates.)

Meeting Location - Where does our Troop meet?

Our Troop meets at 7:00 pm at Milwaukie Presbyterian Church on most Monday nights during the school year. (During the summer we meet at different places & do other activities like bike rides.)

Milwaukie Presbyterian Church is located at 2416 SE Lake Road, Milwaukie, OR 97222.

Kiosks for City Park Trails

Gavin found a Project for the City of Gresham. There was a City Park that had many Trails through it. The City wanted to have 2 large Kiosks with Trail Signs at the 2 'main' entrances to the Trails.

Gavin obtained the needed supplies & built the large Signs for the City Park.

Storage Shed for Tools & Toys

Sean decided to design & build a Storage Shed for My Father's House. It was going to be used for storing Yard Tools & some Kids Toys as well.

Build & Install Benches for View Acres School

Braden decided to do a Project for his former Elementary School. He used some 'frames' to build Benches for an Outdoor Classroom. These Benches were convertible so that they could convert into a seat & table surface for the students to use outside.

A Cub Scout Pack also meets at the school & they enjoy using the Benches a great deal as well.

My Father's House Playground Improvement

James chose to do his Eagle Project for My Father's House (a Family Shelter). He decided to fix-up the Playground area for the Shelter. There was no Sidewalk to the Playground from the Patio area & the wooden Play Structure & Benches were in desperate need of a new coating of stain (or sealer).

Installation of Reinforced Pad for Dumpsters

Daniel's father worked at this School & knew of the damaged (or broken) Pad that the Dumpsters were to be stored on. It was unsafe for the Workers & Children at the school.

Daniel planned his Project to be a much thicker & stronger Concrete Pad for the Dumpsters to be stored on.

Provide Fish Habitat for Baby Fish

John decided to do his Project for the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. Small, young, baby fish in the streams & creeks end up being easy pickings for birds to eat them. John's Project involved giving these baby fish some places to hide so that they can grow larger & survive.

The Project was to obtain 'extra' Christmas Trees, move them to the Stream area, tie them into bundles, float them into different positions, then anchor them in place. Thus giving the fish places to hide.