Journey to Excellence 2015 - Gold Level

Our Troop earned the Gold level of the JTE Award once again in 2015.

In 2011, the Quality Unit Award was changed to the Journey to Excellence award. The Journey to Excellence is the BSA's performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of Units. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program for the youth in the Unit.

First Recharter turned-in from the whole Council 2015

We were the first Recharter turned-in from the entire Council once again this year (for the fourth year in a row). It was actually turned-in when the Scout Office opened at 8:30 am on the first morning after the Recharter system went online. To prove that our Troop is the 'best' & to set a mark that can never be beat! (It can only ever be tied...)

Webelos Woods 2015 - Best Troop

Our Troop earned the Best Troop Award at 2015 Webelos Woods in the Lewis & Clark District.

Add Walkways to Improve Neighborhood Access to Church

TJ selected a Project for Milwaukie Presbyterian Church - the Chartering Organization of our Troop.

Advisor of the Year 2015 - Lewis & Clark

Daydra Blackburn was awarded the 2015 Advisor of the Year from the Lewis & Clark District. (Daydra works with both Units - Troop 376 & Crew 376.)

Scoutmaster of the Year 2015 - Lewis & Clark

David Blackburn was awarded the 2015 Scoutmaster of the Year from the Lewis & Clark District.

Benches for Church Visitors

Austin chose to do a Project for the Chartering Organization of our Troop, Milwaukie Presbyterian Church.

The project gave the church a much needed landscape re-design in front of the sanctuary. The church was looking for a welcoming place where visitors could sit to look at the garden area in front of the building.

The project consisted of placing 2 benches approximately 18 inches away from the wall in front of the church. They were placed evenly between the front window & the sides of the building. Ferns were planted around the benches to give a more natural look.

Link to Troop 376 Facebook Page Added

Here is a Link to our Troop 376 / Crew 376 Facebook page. Folks have asked for this Link for some time now, but we haven't had an easy way to anchor it on this 'Home' Tab.

Over time, this Post will move down the page & move into the Archive pages at the bottom of this page. As a result, we have added the same Link to the Facebook page as the first item listed on the 'Resource Center' Tab. (It is called '*** Troop 376 Facebook Page ***'.)

Back Pack Check in moved to Thursday night

We have moved the Back Pack Check to Thursday night. Please get your shopping down and come with your back pack fully loaded.

Don't Follow the Compass.

This is Levi Barrera theme for the Troop during his time as SPL. I will let him explain.
Don't follow the compass

Levi has three goals for his term as SPL.

Improve how patrols functions.
Improve Opening and Closing Flag Ceremony
Improve the ways tents are treated.


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