New Troop Flag for Troop's 40-Year Anniversary

New Troop Flag with Ribbons & Awards
New Troop Flag

As a part of our 40-year Anniversary as a Boy Scout Troop, the Committee approved the purchase of a new Troop Flag. We now have our new Troop Flag on our flagpole with our 29 newest Ribbons/Awards earned as well. We had 124 Ribbons & Awards attached to the flagpole with our 'old' Flag which made it difficult to manage & many of the Ribbons were getting damaged. So the Committee discussed only keeping the newer Ribbons on the flagpole to give room for more to be added easily. (All of the Ribbons/Awards since 2001 have been reattached to the flagpole with the new Troop Flag.

Notice the blue & yellow circle to the center, left of the flag. It is a Veteran Unit Emblem marking our 40th Anniversary as a Troop. (There is a '40' in the bottom of that emblem.)

But don't worry about our 'old' Flag or Ribbons/Awards... We are going to be retiring our 'old' Troop Flag & all of the 'older' Ribbons into a Shadowbox for display at the church. (It will be built later this year & will go onto a wall at the church once a location has been decided.) We will also have a listing of all of the Ribbons/Awards that will be inside the Shadowbox.