10 Essentials and this weekend

Each of our boys needs to have a day pack with them this weekend. In that day pack they need their compact Scouting 10 essentials. Here is the scouting list of 10 essentials

1. Pocketknife
2. Basic personal first aid kit
3. Rain gear ($1 poncho works)
4. water bottle
5. Flashlight
6. Trail food/Snack (this will be key this weekend as they will not start cooking dinner until 6:30pm on Saturday.
7. Matches and fire starters
8. Sun Proctection and Mosquito repellant
9. Compass/Map (map will be provided at the activity station at camporee)
10. Change of clothes. Do not pack the change of clothes in the day pack. They can be in the tent back at camp for camporee

Each youth should have this for every outing we go on, so now is as good a time to pull this together as any.

Your sons are in a competition this weekend and will need their 10 essentials in order to compete against the other patrols from other troops.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the day pack requirements for camporee this weekend.
Mr Blackburn