Lewis & Clark District Troop of the Year Twice

Here is a picture of the Lewis & Clark Troop of the Year Trophy showing the 2 years that our Troop was recognized as the 'Troop of the Year' by the District.

First Recharter turned-in from L&C District 2017

We were the first Recharter turned-in from the Lewis & Clark District this year. There was a group of Units from another District (all with the same #) that were turned in before ours. (But we were happy with this spot because we got a late start this year after finding out that our previous coordinator's son was dropping out of Scouts so she was as well.)

Troop 376's 107th Eagle Scout!

Make sure to congratulate Nolan Golden the next time you see him! He passed his Eagle Board with flying colors. So he is our newest 'Eagle Scout candidate' at this time.

Nolan's Eagle Project

Still waiting for the details about Nolan's Eagle Project.

New Wood Badge Trained Leaders for Troop 376

Troop 376 now has 2 more Wood Badge Trained Leaders as of August 26th, 2017. T.J. Cano & Mrs. Lewy both completed the course.

In this photo, you can see 4 of our Troop 376 Leaders that were part of this Course. Pictured are: Mrs. Freitas (part of training staff), T.J. Cano (participant), Mrs. Lewy (participant), & Mr. Hunker (part of training staff).

August 2017 Wood Badge Leaders
August 2017 Wood Badge Leaders

Lewis & Clark Camporee 2017 - All on Board

Our Troop earned this 'All on Board' Award for balancing the most Scouts on a board at 1 on the Stations at the 2017 Lewis & Clark District Camporee at Rooster Rock State Park on the Oregon side in the Columbia Gorge.

Lewis & Clark Camporee 2017 - Best Gadget

Our Troop earned this Award for making the Best Camp Gadget at the 2017 Lewis & Clark District Camporee at Rooster Rock State Park on the Oregon side in the Columbia Gorge. Our Troop's Camp Gadget was a Gateway to our Troop Campsite.

Unit Leader Award of Merit 2017 - David Blackburn

David Blackburn was awarded the Unit Leader Award of Merit in 2017 for the Lewis & Clark District and Cascade Pacific Council. The District Committee selects a Unit Leader at each level (Pack, Troop, & Crew) each year based on their dedicated service and responsible leadership to receive this Award.

District Chairman's Award 2017 - Darlene Longtin

Darlene Longtin was awarded the District Chairman's Award in 2017 for the Lewis & Clark District of the Cascade Pacific Council. Each year the District Chairman selects an exceptional volunteer from our District to honor with this Award.

Silver Beaver 2017 - Daydra Blackburn

Daydra Blackburn was awarded the Silver Beaver Award in 2017 from the Cascade Pacific Council. The Silver Beaver Award is the highest award a BSA Council can give to volunteers. Nominations for this award must come from peers (fellow volunteers in the Council).


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