VFW Post Ramp

VFW Post #4248
Date of Eagle: 
Wednesday, August 10, 2016
This picture shows the dangerous situation before the Project

Levi decided that he wanted to do a Project for the local VFW Post.

The VFW Post has a Storage Trailer (a semi-trailer) that was very difficult for them to get into due to the height of the Trailer & lack of a safe way to access it. So the Post requested a 4' x 8' Platform with a Ramp be built at the back of the Trailer to allow them safer & more convenient access to the Trailer. Levi went to several businesses & family members to ask for donations & was able to fund his Project for the VFW Post.

The VFW Post was very grateful for the fabulous new Ramp & Platform that provides them with a much safer way to access their Storage Trailer!

(This was actually Levi's 2nd Project that he planned for the VFW Post. The 1st Project ran into Building Permit issues & needed to be passed on due to time constraints.)