Peninsula Trail Extension

Milwaukie Presbyterian Church
Date of Eagle: 
Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Devin selected to do a Project for the Chartering Organization of our Troop, Milwaukie Presbyterian Church.

The area behind the church's rear parking lot is known as the Outdoor Sanctuary. Devin's Project was built in this part of the church's property.

His project consisted of:

  • creating a new 150' long Trail (for access to the new Bridge),
  • building a new 60' long Puncheon Bridge through a marshy wetland,
  • (A Puncheon Bridge is a walkway over wet ground made by laying planks or dressed timbers over sills set directly on the ground.)
  • adding Cedar Chips to 466' of existing Trails to create a more defined & uniform walking path.

Devin's Project allows people to have access to the Peninsula area in Kellogg Lake once again. Access to the Peninsula had been difficult in recent months due to the marshy area expanding. 4 yards of additional Cedar Chips were donated so additional Trails were covered as well as adding more Chips to the Playground area. Then 2 new Benches were also created, from extra materials, to go along the new Trail area.